Happy work & life, happy Lantern Festival - Folksafe organizes Lantern Festival activities

Published: 2022-02-15 17:18:00Author: adminRead: 1472

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival, in order to promote traditional Chinese culture, popularize cultural knowledge, and enhance employee cohesion, Shenzhen Folksafe Technology Co., Ltd. held the "Happy Lantern Festival" activity. Before the start of the event, the chairman and general manager of the company, Mr. Shu, expressed his wishes and expectations to employee, wishing everyone a happy family and all the best, and hope that all employees will make persistent efforts to prepare for the smooth development of work in 2022. 

The lantern riddle area, tang-yuan area and fruit snack area were set up at the event site, which attracted many employees to participate. The lantern riddles covered crossword puzzles, idioms, culture, daily life, etc., so that the employees could learn fresh knowledge while guessing the lantern riddles. The employees read the puzzle carefully, think actively, and discuss together. One after another, those who guessed the answer went to the redemption area to check the answer. If the answer is correct, they can directly pop the balloon to exchange for the bonus inside. Answering the wrong one requires random talent; There are different flavors of tang-yuan in the tang-yuan area, and everyone went to choose their own to spend the Lantern Festival together. 

In addition to guessing lantern riddles, everyone also actively participated in games such as "you draw and I will guess", and the activities were full of laughter and joy.

Happy work, happy life. This Lantern Festival event not only brought joy and small surprises to everyone, but also demonstrated the company's attention to the spiritual life of employees, and further demonstrated the company's employees' positive spirit and courage to challenge. After the Lantern Festival and the Chinese New Year is finished, let us devote ourselves to the work of the new year with a more vigorous fighting spirit, and live up to the spring and the hard work.